Master Data


Master Data Definition Reference

Master Data Reference

  "version": "2020-08-22",
  "rateModels": [
      "name": "[string]Enhanced Rate Name",
      "description": "[string?]description of Namespace",
      "metadata": "[string?]metadata",
      "targetInventoryModelId": "[string]Inventory available for enhancement targets",
      "acquireExperienceSuffix": "[string]Suffix to be assigned to the property ID that stores the experience value obtained from GS2-Experience",
      "materialInventoryModelId": "[string]Inventory model GRN",
      "acquireExperienceHierarchy": [
        "[string]JSON hierarchy name of the metadata storing the acquired experience values"
      "experienceModelId": "[string]Experience Model GRN",
      "bonusRates": [
          "rate": "[float]Experience bonus multiplier (1.0 = no bonus)",
          "weight": "[int]lottery weight"
Type Require Default Limitation Description
version 2020-08-22 Format version of master data
rateModels RateModel[]